What Love Sought

                                                                                         What Love  Sought


Love the arrow. filling our heart…

When the blackest of deepest night fades away to day

and with my love we so blissfully, quietly, closely lay,

sweetness incredible, unbearable takes hold of we

and looses our hearts wildly, happily and free-

Mouth to mouth, mmm, bare flesh to bare flesh

seeking, finding so sweetly- their one true mesh,

emotions crackle, o! such tension soars

urgency rides hard yet ends in love’s open doors-

A true breathless oneness within our grasp

together in the hands we so tightly -so lovingly clasp-

we can not separate the pounding thundering heartbeats

the trembling, shivering…quivering of the flesh that meets

Soft sighing cries, no surprise, an earth shattered moan

the wondrous blush of love’s bounty , so gracefully owned,

when all love pours forth…flowing honeyed from our hearts

’tis rapture too sweet and overflowing, the joy is

bursting…from love’s………..sweetest tart-

Thee……me…O! we together! surely,

the most wondrous part!

This poem was written in 20 minutes at one sitting in July 2004. I had not written a poem in over  25 years at that point. I really love the style of Shelly, Byron, all the romantics..Get your hand fan, because this poem is what I imagine real love to be . I did not write much of anything for 6 years after this..

This photo is a self portrait of me, I was channeling Liz Taylor (haha), it was the jewelry I'm wearing that I made.  I was thinking about that moment when the one you are waiting for appears before you  look up and see them. that moment when love appears.