The Jacket


                                 RIP Chief

May 2, 2012 

 I submitted this to The Journal of Military Experience, a Veteran's project out of Eastern Kentucky University and it has been accepted for an upcoming volume.  I have begun working with the Poetry Editor and I am very excited. The poem may change some, I am still refining it for better flow. I am so honored that my first published poem will be in honor of my Dad.

The Jacket

The jacket hangs just there,
not a wrinkle nor
even a tear.
Navy worsted wool, the 
finest to wear.
Upon the sleeve sit eight~ count them,
gold stripes which
merrily, proudly 
march there four! four years 
At a time, yes, one can
Say, truly half a lifetime.

Above them I see chevrons
Three, the Eagle stands verily!
Upon a golden arch, guards He
Ever ready to enter the fray! 
In silver doth that 
Symbol stand, 
for kith 
and kin

Fealty to Freedom, this man
did profess when he did
dress to wear this Jacket
In Navy best. A Chief twas he, 
 that lead!  ’twixt rank
and file,  so walked He the walk
for many a mile. Many followed
him where? Freedom’s calling, I swear!
They learned the ropes,struggled & 
worked to fulfill their hopes for
one for all.

The jacket hangs only now, in
a closet in the Hall. The 
Man who wore it has gone ~surely
 sailed on to Glory. I guess that
 could  be the end of the 
story. A cause for dispute!
 'Tis not I say!!
for this story lives on this day. 
The jacket
but a reminder of the Man, 
who packed a sea bag 
for foreign lands.
A farm boy tis true, 
but he stayed constant 
Nay!, loyal~
forever He 
true blue.

April 2012

The  jacket was worn by my Dad Marvin Corner. He served honorably for over 33 years.  He recently passed away and this is my tribute to him.

If you have a  chance to thank a Vet for the sacrifices they make, please do so. 


My Dad supported his local American Legion hall, and other Vet groups.


Is there something you can do to help out?