Moments in a Moment

In a Moment

I see Dawn approach~ 

a slow float, across the sky

In doing so  it would 

darken the stars

of Moon and Mars.

Yet with  a small turn

of my head. your face  I

could gaze thereon~

What Love


shine from mine

eyes when  your

contenance so close

there to me lays? 

In respose you sleep

and clasp me tight~

legs, lovingly entwined, 

most assuredly


Beneath my ear I

hear your heart, 'tis an echo

with mine..They beat

together in

rhyme, knowing no fear,

just love sublime.

I drift in that moment...

is it

out of time? I know 


answer not, but will

consider it 

treasure most dear!

This moment,most magical

yet clear, Thou~

my heart doth hold, 

so shall we forever 


in the story

 that's told.

This background was taken in my front yard of an old Lilly, the name I don't know,  on the edge of dawn. It was the first time I ever saw it bloom after 7 years living here.  It white with a solid center and with long stems coming off the flower...anyone know the name?